My name is Brother Vito. I am a Franciscan in a digital world..

Capuchin Franciscan
Chicago, IL

About Me

/Who Am I

I am a Capuchin friar with the Order of Friars Minor, Capuchin in the St. Joseph Province. I specialize in IT solutions for religious groups and NPO’s. As I continue to study for priestly ordination, I explore the role of digital multimedia as an avenue to spread the Gospel, explore new ways to use technology to assist our lives, and research how technology affect’s our spiritual life, for good or ill.

My goal is build communion by starting with modern media, addressing some of the needs and concerns in our digital 21st century world..

Good communication helps us to grow closer, to know one another better, and ultimately, to grow in unity. The internet, in particular, offers immense possibilities for encounter and solidarity. This is something truly good, a gift from God.

- Pope Francis -

Digital Ministry

/What I do

I’m a friar with a particular set of skills. This allows me to provide assistance to ministries and religious communities to help make them more efficient, relevant, or simply a new way of preaching the Gospel.


For church, religious groups, and ministries seeking to expand, streamline, or develop tech solutions, I have offered assistance to various groups.


Videography and film making have become a way to spread the Gospel. This skill continues to grow, as I work at various levels of the production process.


Trained in HTML, JS, and PHP, most of my work is done in WordPress. Websites are created so people can update and manage their own website.


From Digital Citizenship, Digital Multi-mediated Theology, to many more exciting questions and topics. Digital Ministry is an exciting topic of discussion!


9years a Capuchin
6years of experience
207credit hours of education
12video projects


/My entire career

Sep 4

Catholic Theological Union – Chicago, IL

Master's in Divinity (in progress)

ctu-opengraph-large Started my theology education for Priestly Ordination. Education includes Scripture Study, Pastoral Education, Theological Reflection, and Training. Scheduled to graduate May 2018.

Saint Xavier University – Chicago, IL

BA in Computer Studies

fall2011_0028Graduated Summa cum Laude  with my BA in Computer Studies and 30 credit hours in Philosophy. The Com Studies degree is focused on practical application, as opposed to a Com Sci degree that involves more theory and algorithm design. My focus of study was in programming: both in Java as well as PHP. For the Capstone, I was the Project Manager for a database & front end that was developed for a food pantry in South Chicago. The article can be found here.

May 8
Jan 10

Respond Now-Chicago Heights, IL

Project Manager for Data Management Suite

respondnowMy capstone project at SXU involved the creation of software for a community-based need. I worked with Carl Wolfe, the director of Respond Now, due to my previous experience with outreach programs. A team of 20 students assessed the needs of the ministry, built a front end for data input while creating an SQL database to store, secure, and compile information. The goal was to make the process safer, more efficient, and to be able to extract the data for review, especially when seeking funding or grant-writing. By the end of the semester, the class had not only built the software, but tested it, implemented it in the location, trained the volunteers to use the software, and eventually moved the 6000 records (originally kept on paper) onto the server.



75%Video Editing


/Work done so far

Digital Ministry covers a lot of areas. Here’s just some of the work I’ve done or collaborated with.


/Our Journal

Pope Francis
Feb 3

Pope to Partake in Motion Picture

In an attempt to reach younger Catholics as well as take advantage of multimedia, Pope Francis will partake in the movie: Beyond the Sun. The narrative is a family adventure story…

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The Digital Church
Jan 27

How the Internet Helps Religion

Heidi Campbell at Texas A&M talks about the role of Internet and religion, but also highlights something we might not think: Catholicism is one of the leaders in this area.…

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New Video For Pope Francis’ Trip to Mexico

The archdiocese of Tuxtla Gutiérrez in Chiapas, Mexico has released this new video in preparation of the Pope's visit. It features scenes of the land, the people, and some of…

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Jan 8


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